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Making the switch December 28, 2007

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I’m moving!  Well, I’m moving my blog.  I’m making the switch over to Blogger, now.  SO – come, read my blog over there!

And don’t forget to update your blogrolls – if I’m on them!

Thanks WordPress for getting me started.  I’m going to give Blogger a try & then who knows, maybe someday I’ll come back…


Anna’s wisdom December 24, 2007

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My best friend’s name is Anna.  We were talking the other day on the phone (because she lives VERY far away) and we were talking about Target vs. WalMart.  I finished my Christmas shopping (finally) at Target the other night, which is an hours drive away – one way.  And in the course of our conversation, she told me that the missionaries serving in her ward couldn’t believe that she didn’t worship WalMart, that she couldn’t find everything she absolutely desired in that store.

And this is what she said, “If you’ve ever been to Target then you’ll know WalMart is completely inferior.”

So true.  I only wish Target were closer.  And I wonder if, in fact, those elders had ever stepped foot in a Target & if they have, what were they thinking?!?!

Merry Christmas All!


Nothing says “Christmas” like: December 13, 2007

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An inflatable Santa riding a Harley.

An inflatable snow globe with Santa & his reindeer amidst flurries of fake snow.

A plastic Santa “falling” from the roof with plastic elves trying to push him back up.

An inflatable Homer Simpson posing as Santa.

3 inflatable cows that are pretend caroling.

And last but not least: An inflatable nativity.

 These are all to be seen in and around my neighborhood.  Can anyone explain to me WHY someone would want to shell out over $50 for one of these hideous things?

Granted, the owner of the inflatable nativity has it right on with the whole meaning of Christmas, they were just tacky in their display.  But seriously, folks.  Homer?  Cows?  What the heck?!  Not that the decorations in front of my house are anything spectacular.  They are the best that I’ve done in the 8 years that I’ve been married & I am mighty proud of them.  I have white icicle lights framing my home, garland wrapped around the posts that hold up my roof over my porch with white lights in those.  I also have some 2 & 3 foot trees with assorted lights  placed strategically around the front of my porch area & some faux poinsettias in my window boxes.  It’s rather festive, I think.  And in the picture window you will see my Christmas tree decked out with ornaments, strung popcorn & blue & white lights. 

I love Christmas.  I just don’t love all those inflatable eye-sores.


Cyber Sistah November 30, 2007

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I’m relatively new to the cyber-world. I know, SHOCKER! As you can tell from the amount of traffic that my blog gets, it is pretty obvious.

I love that song by Brad Paisley, “Online“.  Not that I have a different identity or anything, but I must admit that it appeals to me.  I would love to pretend I’m someone I’m not and “live” a rather glamorous life as a woman with no kids, a husband (because really, I LOVE being married) and someone who travels the world.  But I’m not good at lying.  Okay, I might be alright at lying – but keeping the lies straight – that’s something that I might have a problem with. 

So I spend a lot of time online chatting with ladies (hopefully they’re ladies) and making cyber-friends.  There’s Jamie who I chat with daily & we have become quite good friends.  She was very apprehensive to talk to me on the phone.  But I got her & now we like to consider each other dear friends.  There are some old friends, some new friends & some ladies that call me their friend but really, I don’t talk to them at all.

I got a call from a new friend today.  I was wondering when she would call me.  Her name is Sara & I am SOOO happy she called.  I was wondering what took her so long!  Albeit our conversation didn’t last more than 15 minutes because I had to go pick up Mr. Fantastic from school, I still found her very pleasant to talk to.  I wonder if she thinks the same about me.  I doubt it.  She probably hung up the phone & thought, “Wow.  She talks A LOT.  I’m glad she had to pick up her kid from school because I don’t know how I was going to get out of that one.”  But hopefully she thought, “She’s even nicer on the phone!  I think I’ll keep her number handy!”

So Sara, what did you think?  Be brutally honest with me, k?  When you first told me, online, that you had an “accent”, I was pretty nervous.  I don’t hear quite so good sometimes, especially with accents; any accents – french, spanish, english, budapestish – you name it!  But I understood you just fine!  And I hope we talk again soon!

And to all those of you who come to my blog and I’ve never talked to on the phone – sometimes anonymity can be a very good thing & I understand if you just aren’t ready to take that next step!


Give Away @ Sharp Spiels!!! November 28, 2007

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I love a good “give away” contest.  And this one is great!  I have become quite the jewelry lover.  Okay, I still don’t wear that much jewelry, but I love to look at it & when I’m able to get some of my own, I love to wear it.  It makes me feel pretty, oh so pretty. 

So I hope I win, because Becky really has some great stuff!  YAY!


A little spiritual pick-me-up November 18, 2007

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Today was stake conference.  Unlike most of my “saintly” friends, our driving time to conference exeeds 1 1/2 hours.  One way.  So we left in plenty of time, directions in hand, Popeye at the wheel & munchkins armed with their WalMart toy books.  The drive there was pleasant.  We found the church with only one hitch – it was the wrong building.  So I remembered the address of another building.  And we drove there.  And conference wasn’t there, either.  And the last building from the church’s website escaped my memory.  My friend told me on the phone last night that it definitely wasn’t that building but that it was one of the other two.  My friend was wrong. 

So we broke the sabbath.  We got gas (which we wouldn’t have had to do if we had gone to the right building the first time) and asked for a phone book & directions.  Pleasant man, knew right where to point us & we were on our way again.



Anonymity at its finest November 15, 2007

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So I was reading another blog the other day and it got me thinking.  My children are the cutest little kids on the face of the earth.  They really are.  And I’d hate to have to fight with some company because they stole pictures of my kids and posted them in some ads.  I can understand why they would choose my kids, but I really don’t want to have to fight with someone about it.  So I’ve taken pictures of them off of the internet.

And that got me thinking further.  I’m super cool.  And, well, just super.  I don’t want someone stalking me.  Because you know, so many people read this blog.  But what if someday my blog is read by thousands daily?  Hey!  It could happen!!  But anyway, so we had a little family pow-wow last night & we’ve all come up with new names for the cyber world.

I will further be known as Her Royal Highness – or HRH for short.  Darling husband is Popeye.  I’m not sure why he chose that, but whatever.  #1 is Mr. Fantastic, which is kind of an oxy moron.  #2 decided to be Optimus Prime.  #3 is Princess Monkey Eyes.  I wanted Princess, she wanted Monkey Eyes – we compromised.  And #4 is Thor – because that’s what Popeye wanted to name him originally (you know, his BIRTH name) & I opposed.  Popeye is happy.

So there’s the update.  I think it’s kinda funny, personally.



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